Laser Cutter Problem Noted:02/27

I came in 02/27 at 19:00 and found that the laser cutter would not turn on. I thought I would start this discussion so that we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed.


  1. Laser cutter will not turn on (including the display or any of the lights on the side).


  1. Outlet is receiving power.
  2. There are three fuses on the laser cutter (that I saw). I checked for continuity at each of the three fuses and they all appear to be functional (i.e. there was continuity across each fuse).

That’s as far as I went.

Any other input on this matter? Has anyone else looked at it since?


I took a peek and called epilog tech support.

Today it powered on just fine for me and power cycled 6 or 7 times without issue.

What I learned from the tech is that power jacks, switches, and fuses have been known to fail over time. We should keep an eye on it and see if the problem returns.

The power supply expects a clean 120V input and outputs 48v which powers the fans and everything else.

So if the fan does not come on, but 120V is reaching the power supply, then PS is suspect.
If fan comes on but unit does not boot properly or screen doesn’t come on, then suspect issues with mainboard or something else.

For the time being I’m taking Greg’s note off the machine - it seems to be behaving today.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, J