Laser Cutter Migration

Called Wes (my electrician). still waiting for return call (just messaged him too) =m=

My Electrician was interested but is too busy on a job right now (but he really wants to see IG sometime).
I’ll try to get him to come to the next Tues. mtg whatever happens.

@laurence @Elliot_Wells @James_Maniscalco … I’m waiting on you to answer the Doodle poll?

Sorry @vicatcu, we’re out of town this weekend visiting family. Next week or weekend would work for me.

Well folks, it’s a bit hard to say if we have a critical mass of maker-power to get this done tomorrow. We have three people willing to show up from noon to 1pm, so that’s what I’ll plan on. I may come down earlier to see if there’s any activity. It would be cool if we could at least install the fan on the roof of the building to nudge the ball forward.

I will pick up materials for the ducts in the morning and come to IG.

Getting that stuff installed in a tidy manner could take the better part of the day even if we don’t make it onto the roof or get electrical stuff hooked up. I’m sure we will have plenty to do

Cool, I’m here at IG East awaiting further orders.

Great progress today! …but we hit a snag.
Fan housing doesn’t fit over the vent box anymore. When the roof was redone, they re-lined that hole so it became 1/2" wider on both sides. We decided to break the corner weld-seams of the fan escutcheon, re form it over the hole and then make use of the old cover as flashing by cutting it in half.
I had to leave at 2:30 by Eliot, Vic and Andy were still at it.

Sorry I didn’t see this email in time!

We got the ventilator modified and installed on the roof. Thanks to new member Andy and Jon S. for sticking around till the bitter end!

Thanks to Vic and Mark R the authbox is up and working too. When you power on the laser, the fan comes on. There is also a manual “on” mode if you just want to run the fan (in the future it may be hooked up to ventilation for other work areas for example).

Tomorrow we can start putting the big shiny ductwork up. Interested folks can coordinate with me - I’ll try to be there late morning but could be flexible.

This fan moves a lot of air! The motor we have on there is a fraction of what it originally came with, but even so when you crack the door you can feel the amount of air being sucked in. It’s pretty remarkable.


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Sunday update:

John gave us the key for the Genie Lift, which is now parked inside IG. I used it to install the plenum up at the top by the fan end of things this morning. Didn’t get as far on running the ductwork as I had hoped but progress is progress.

What’s left to do:

Cut two or three pieces of uni-strut to span the ceiling beams and hang the ductwork from.
Hang 6" duct from the plenum to the wall and then down the wall a ways using unistrut and galvanized metal tape.
Transition to 4" diameter and connect laser with flexible 4" “dryer” duct.

laser stuff

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Laser is back online!
Hung the first hunk of duct this morning, then Jon came in with a plan for the uni-strut on the wall - but was missing parts.
Vic and I came in at 4 and we finished the duct line.
Later Vic configured the laser on the new network and we ran a couple tests on wood and plastic.
A couple points:

  1. The system is super quiet - which is great! No vibrations, no whistling etc. It would be nice to add a simple indicator light so we know the fan is actually on.

  2. The suction should be a bit stronger. It works, but we should probably try to move the fan belt to the higher speed setting.

  3. Still left to do: Vertical section (the wall run) should be fastened. Since it’s not tied to the wall it’s being pulled a little askew. Jon has a plan but couldn’t locate bolt inserts for the unistrut.


If you have a Windows computer you can install the Epilog network drivers on your own computer with the knowledge that the printer is at ip address on the local network, following the instructions in the Zing24 manual. Otherwise, the Windows computer already has them installed and you can print from there.

There is a network shared folder on the Desktop of that machine (grasshopper) as well (username and password is ig if prompted), for ease of transferring files.

Oh man you guys are awesome. After my meeting with Mandy I came back to help but you had left already.

Fyi during the rain this morning I noticed a bit of leakage on the lower edge of the fan mount.

Based on the email exchange, it sounds like the fan started making rattling noises and then stopped working entirely. It’s not clear if it stopped working because somebody unplugged it or turned it off at a breaker (nobody has said they did), or if it just fully broke or flipped a breaker.

If a bearing went bad and chewed up some parts I may be able to lend some machining capability to that problem. I also have an exhaust fan (Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine 240 CFM In-Line Fan, 6-Inch Duct) that I could contribute to the cause if reimbursed for it by IG. I’ll need one at home eventually, so I can’t just donate it, but I don’t need it yet. We’d need a rain-proof vent, but could mount that unit inside because it’s quiet.

Of course this happened right as we got the first snow of the season. We don’t want to be on the roof with snow or ice. It’s supposed to be cold and clear on Saturday, and warm up to the high 30s on Sunday and Monday. I could help work on this on Sunday morning or Monday evening. Anyone else available to work on this?

I’m not out of town on this Sunday / Monday, I’ll just say it’s unlikely a problem with the motor, since I bought it (and I guess donated it) new specialty for this purpose. @Mark_Rosen thinks it might be the mount needs tightening.

I saw on the mailing list that the problem got resolved, but I didn’t notice any details of what turned out to be the source of the problem. Maybe one of the people involved in fixing the problem could shed some light on the root cause and ultimate solution here? A job well done to all those who helped out! /cc @jongsanders

The problem turned out to be the pulley on the motor. It looks like the set screw had backed out part way and got jammed on the motor shaft, before eventually breaking the pulley right in half along the belt. The belt that was on there was also too small. Jason was able to find a replacement pulley and belt at Ace (also upsized a bit for higher RPM), and this time we put some locktite on the set screw. :slight_smile: I also squeezed some new grease into the one accessible bearing, thanks Mark!

Also, for future reference, the fan is a Loren Cook 165C6B (manual PDF). The specified motor is a 3/4 HP 1725 RPM belt drive, in case we ever need an upgrade (Amazon link).

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Oh and Nicole figured out the leak problem! It looks like the issue is that the new roof passthrough is oversized, so that water is hitting the corners that stick out from under the fan shroud and channeling down along a seam in the flashing into the center of the fan. We thought that maybe the thing to do would be to cut some ‘ears’ out of aluminum flashing and rivet them inside the fan shroud so that they overhang the corners.

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