Laser Cutter Migration

Hey everyone, we managed to get a motor / belt-drive working and attached to the roof-top fan that is “mounted” on two chairs near the arcade machine in the Press Bay Court (upstairs) space.

We also bought a thing that will automatically turn the fan on when the laser cutter is turned on, and turn automatically turn it off when the laser cutter shuts down after some delay.

So what is it going to take to get the Laser Cutter out of the Press Bay Alley (basement) space woodshop, and into it’s new home in Press Bay Court (upstairs)? There are just a few minor hurdles to clear, as I understand it.

  1. The fan unit needs to be securely installed on the roof in the opening that already exists for that purpose. Wouldn’t be a terrible idea to give clean the fan “blades” off (e.g. with a Shop Vac) while they are easily accessible.
  2. Ducting needs to be procured and installed inside the space, routing from the fan to the intended location of the Laser Cutter. It should be securely attached to the exhaust opening of the installed roof-mounted fan, braced to interior structure as necessary, and end in an opening suitable for attachment to the Laser Cutter, ready to be coupled. The power cord needs to also be run along that ducting so that the fan can be plugged in near the Laser Cutter (we’ll probably need to procure a 35+ foot extension cord that we can cut to length and run through a flexible electrical conduit.
  3. The Laser Cutter and its Authbox need to be safely transported from the Press Bay Alley (basement) space to the Press Bay Court (upstairs) space, hooked up to the exhaust and to power and Ethernet.

If people want to help with this, have experience / expertise in this sort of thing (air handling and such), I’m guessing help would be welcome at this point. My impression is that progress is mostly being limited at this point by human ingenuity and availability.

/cc @Elliot_Wells @Mark_Rosen @StevenMartin

I would be glad to offer my hands/eyes/legs/noggin to help with this project.

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Last week I saw a nice example of small distributed ducting for individual stations from the metal-smithery at artist alley - Ithaca College.

Each branch/pair of vents has a closable vent, and Elaan used flexible dryer ducting at the ends so the vents could be places near the work at just the right spot.

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How does the machine get moved? Do we need to hire a piano mover or rent a forklift? A crane? I don’t remember how it got down there in the first place!

I don’t think it’s all that heavy. A couple of people could probably handle it pretty easily. According to the owner’s manual (available at, “the Zing 24 weighs 140 lbs (64 kg).”

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