Laser Cutter Manual

Hi. I just rejoined IG and am looking to use the laser. This is a temporary space for the manual and basic operations and trouble shooting. Once we gather some good intel on these things, perhaps the area captain can upload to wiki.

In the meantime, manual for epilog is below. The new control panel is fleshed out on page 57

Thanks, I added the new manual to the Wiki here

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This is a temporary spot for some laser guidelines.Once it is more complete, we can add it to the wiki. Nicole showed me some of these things yesterday but I need more xp before I write them out fully

new control panel

To set zero on your material, follow these steps

  1. Unlock the gantry with the X/Y off button (show button)
  2. Turn on the red LED indicator with the pointer button
  3. Once the zero is where you want it to be, hit the reset button

I see on the wiki that it says to check with me (Xanthe) about cleaning them. That’s an old note and not accurate (If I knew how to do it years ago, I’ve since forgotten). I think Nicole has the most up to date intel there


Thanks Xanthe,
Chris Pelletier from 3D bio was using the laser today, he is very knowledgeable about the lasers qwirks. He cleaned the senors today(not the lenses) and it was working fine. To clean the senors involves removing the side panel of the machine. I was not there to see it done. I have asked Chris to communicate directly with some words of wisdom and instructions.

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Looks like E wrote it up- link from very bottom of wiki page. Maybe troubleshooting should be moved to the top. I’ll do that