Laser Cutter Guidelines

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Can someone please illuminate (swidt) what each of the light switches in the attached picture controls? And which position is “on”? And under what circumstances they should be in the “on” or “off” position?

If this as documented somewhere already, then where (I would think I think there should be some signage and labels physically proximate to them, as well as associated guidelines for basic use of the laser cutter (start up and shut down procedures at a minimum).

Anyone want to volunteer for this?

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Editing the wiki now. Creating a thumbnail when uploading an image to the wiki seems to be slightly horked at the moment - “Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: No such file or directory”

I’ve added a first pass at documenting the setup. Someone with access to the server should fix the thumbnail generation.
Is the servo for the duct baffle working at the moment? I know it was out of commission at one point.

Signage-wise, I think the original file(s) for the laser cutter guidelines sign is in the Secretary Google Drive.

@Bez I’ve just installed imagemagick on the server so that should fix the thumbnail issue, can you try it again and let me know / confirm?

@vicatcu Fixed!

So besides those switches being in the requisite positions, the compressor (under the cutter) should also always be switched on when the laser is on, correct?


When using the laser cutter, the fan should be on, the compressor should be on, and the vent should be set to vent from the laser cutter, not the room.

In practice, I turn on the compressor when using the Zing.

My understanding is that the compressor drives the Air Assist Curtain that reduces flare ups and fire while vector cutting, and the exhaust fan provides air pressure for the vacuum table that holds down flat stock. The manual mandates that Air Assist should be turned on while vector cutting (:fire:), but doesn’t really get into how it interacts with plain engraving. I believe Air Assist can be turned off in software, but I’m not sure if there are any reasons why you’d want to.

Cool, I whipped up and added a logical diagram to the wiki next to the photo of the light switches. Is the roof-top fan always on? It would be nice to know that it’s actually working somehow. I think it would be useful to add a Fan Off label to complement the Fan On label to the switch box as well.

I do not believe air assist can be turned off in software. That would require an electrically controlled air valve that I doubt is there. The air assist “works” even when the Zing is turned off.

Pretty sure I saw something about it while poking through the manual.
Yep, here it is.