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Moving the discussion on our Brother KH820 knitting machine from email to thread

I went to IG and got the knitting machine in almost working condition! (I have not touched the ribbing attachment but that must be what my sister said has missing parts.)

I think I need a little help at this point, but this is how I got to where I’m at:

This is the manual for the KH820:

Different version but I also found the KH840 manual to be useful:

This video helped me understand how knitting machines work:

This video helped me set up the machine:

We have all the parts we need, but it’s not in perfect condition. There are some damaged needles and they’re all a little bit rusty. The carriage moves smoothly on the rails, but I ran into a problem where the carriage and sinker plate run smoothly knitting to the left, but the sinker plate catches on the needles and causes jams knitting to the right. Even with no yarn in the machine, it catches and jams. Have struggled to find anything online addressing this, so I wonder if it is that the sinker plate is not the right size for the carriage. I’m going to call sewgreen today and see if they do repairs on those kinds of things.

Called Sewgreen and they directed me to the Silver Needle Machine Knitting Club in Cortland. I gave them a call today and left my number on their voicemail so hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

Glad you got a lead at SewGreen. Is the carriage getting caught on the bad needles? Do they need replacing?

Also, this video addresses a machine getting stuck in one direction

Sewgreen redirected me to Joann from the Silver Needle Knitting Club in Cortland. I got on the phone with her and she told me my sponge bar was bad (I think it’s completely missing). This was confirmed by someone on the r/machineknitting subreddit. They both told me not to attempt to use the machine until that piece is installed. Too late, and I think I damaged some needles in the process (oops). Joann did give me a good website to use to order parts ( and I just ordered a replacement sponge bar and 20 replacement needles ($35). Once that comes in, I’ll see if it resolved the issue!