Keep Ithaca Generator Beautiful

We need a chores calendar with rotating chore doers. I can clean the laser a couple times a year but it isn’t enough. Tools need monthly maintenance

What do you think of this sign up for chores list. Anyone can edit. Should I send it out to the list?

The very large photos in this thread make my computer sad :frowning:
Anyway, @Paul_Davis and @Elliot_Wells (I think) were planning on setting up a checklist if you want to talk to them. This topic came up at the board meeting as well.

oops. i just sent something out. Anyways, if @Paul_Davis and @Tyler_Finck want to respond to the email thread, then they should.

Been at IG 2 days in a row and saw no change in table clutter so I decided to clear things out. Today I cleaned off the whole front table and half the back table. Everything that was on the table(s) is now in a large tub in the front room between the cubbies and the bookshelf. Please claim your stuff. Stuff included (but is not limited to):

  • yellow / gold acrylic sheets
  • loctite & loctite mess
  • frog tape
  • a zeiss lens (wow, can I have it?!)
  • k-nex
  • 2x4 with holes
  • star wars metal model
  • columbia guidebooks