Ithaca Generator Birthday Celebration Potluck coordinating discussion

What are you bringing to the potluck?

German red cabbage

When is it? What time? Ill bring something yummy and vegan

Friday December 19th

6pm to 8pm
Ithaca Generator Birthday Celebration Potluck with CAKE

8pm to 10pm
Special Game Night

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Not a fish?

Ha! I already ate the fish in that photo.

I’ll probably bring fruit salad. Thanks for the invite.

I’ll bring cake.

I’ll bring a stuffed shells dish.

I will be laser engraving some crackers at 4pm if anyone wants to come by and experiment with me. If you want to bring a food item to laser cut or engrave, probably something dry and flat and not oily (like a cracker) would work best.

its official. i am bringing roasted carrot, parsnips und tofuuuuuu

Laura, Eva and I will be coming by, and we’ll be bringing okonomiyaki (japanese vegetable pancake). We were talking to Mark about it last time we were at a Sunday Laser session, so hopefully he can make it.

-Chris P

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Jen W is cookin’ up a mess of ratatouille. It is teh yum.


Laser Tortillas!