Ithaca Generator Arduinos

We now have them 50 Arduino Uno boards and 50 USB cables to go with them. Twenty of these are going away at some point in the near future to help subsidize the cost to IG, but they are ready to use now! Please use this Google Form as a means of checking them out and checking them back in:

They are located, for the time being, in a small brown box on the top shelf of the “electronics workbench” in the front room. I’ve individually written “IG” on all the cables and boards, and painstakingly written serial numbers on each of them. I also stapled the shortened URL for the Google Form to the box for ease of reference.

Enjoy! Looking forward to some awesome.


so so so great @vicatcu thank you!!!

Thanks Vic. My foreign exchange student is interested in learning how to use the exalted Arduino so we’ll be checking one out.

@laurence cool, please just fill out the form once you pick one out.