Ithaca Fest Sculpture Derby

As some of you already know, we’ve gotten a grant from the Comnunity arts partnership to facilitate a kinetic sculpture derby element in the parade for that event. Here’s some basic info to satisfy burning questions:

Laurence and I are written into the grant by name, so we are on the hook for coordinating the thing.

what: IG organizes, but does not host, two events leading up to the festival. The first event is a presentation to describe, inspire, and educate potential participants about what a kinetic sculpture derby is. Held either at the greenstar space or the borg warner room of the library in march. The second event is a month later. Hopefully folks have gathered teams and sketched out some ideas. Same location, borg warner room or greenstar space. Volunteer/paid maker “wizards” will be on hand there to help develop sketches into build-able ideas and stoke people’s confidence. Also gently point out that IG has some classes coming up that might be helpful, and memberships if you want to work down there (but not store your whole float). Maybe plug some other resources around the community too for karma points. Then on race day IG sets up some tables and whatnot at the head of the parade, having coordinated with the organizers. We do a tech inspection, send them on their way, and present some goofy awards at the end while holding up a big banner that says “IG presents: ITHACA SCULPTURE DERBY!” And everyone is having a really grand time.

The grant includes paying some staff for these events, for example custodial help, load-in and load-out, motivational speaker of some kind, coordinating marketing, and so on. Hopefully, IGers will get to do the fun stuff and hire out most of the boring bits.

I’ve created a folder inside the IG folder on Google docs.

Rough project outline:

Draft rules for entry into the derby:

At some point soon maybe we can get a pizza party together for anyone who wants to get involved