Ithaca fest ideas

This takes planning bc by May we are all too burnt out to pull off something awesome.

I say we do something like this. But don’t know what the creatures should be. Spiders? Something horizontal-ish

What you got?

Robot spiders? Robot lizards? Scorpions…

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oo. lizards…

I still havent thought about ideas for the cardboard swimmers for the parade. But here is another idea for the parade: what if we wear black and wrap ourselves in el wire? Do we have el wire?

Submitted to iFest catalog:

Ithaca Generator Presents: ROBO SUMO ( ロボット相撲 ) * Build an awesome ROBOT SUMO to prevail in the ring * Compete for the coveted “Grand Transistor Cup” * Have fun!

We’ll be demoing the laser cutter and 3D printers throughout the day as well. So come on down!

Free Open House
Ithaca Generator
116 W Green St

lets make a tiny invite to hand out during the parade! @Bez @Mark_Zifchock

Evolving task lists for Ithaca Fest:

Parade ( Thursday, May 28 )

Car Foiling Date ( this Sunday at 2pm would be great - sunny predicted - I will send out a notice. )

Robot Army - choose assembly date, gather parts

Sumo Robots ( Saturday, May 30 )


  • Donate battery powered small moving toys ( cars, creatures, dolls, etc. should move, not be too big )
  • Call for entries ( Mark will compose copy )

Poster design - Lawrence?

Signage and Flags creation date
- requires long rolls of white paper - 2 ft wide, hopefully
- acrylic paint
- paintbrushes
- pvc tubes ( 1.5"? 2"? )

Amplifier and microphone?

borrow Round tables for competitions

Competition structure and protocol must be decided

Transistor Cup should be created

add “design and print invites to SUMO to hand out at parade” or is that tacky

I think it’s cool. a little quarter page flyer would be nice…

Thanks Bez and Claire for foiling our car - The Aluminum Falcon lives.