Items/Materials for the New Space

Is there a list somewhere of what specific items or materials we will need for the new space? Details on things like what kind of:

  • Track lighting heads
  • Benches/tables
  • Chairs
  • Shelving
  • Sink

and the myriad other items . . .

ha, I guess it would good if I actually waited until after the Board votes on the matter . . .

Yes, partially. To start with…

Track light heads “type L” - Lots. (x15-20 +) Flood, not spot
Electrical conduit (3/4"), ~200ft [plus elbows, and metal outlet/switch boxes]
Romex 3/12 or 4/12, 500+ feet
wall switces (x2-4)
2- or 4-gang wall outlets (to match boxes) (x8-10)
Connectors etc tbd

(We will likely need a licensed electrician to hook up the juice, but if we can round up materials and lay out conduit it saves $$)

Office type chairs on wheels (x8-10)
Modular tables - hexagons, half-hex, or something else (x4-6)
Bins/totes for member storage and shop storage (various sizes, 6qts - 64 qts, many)

In-line exhaust filter box like this one

8" and/or 10" ducting (50’) for exhaust hoods
matching bends
screws/foil tape

4" hard pvc for dust collection downstairs (100’) and elbows

Electronics benches, ~4’ wide (x2)

Construction Supplies:

3/4" maple ply for custom storage, desks, cabinet/counters etc - 8-10 sheets, 4x8’
2x4 spf construction lumber - 20@8’
2x6 spf construction lumber - 10@8’
2-1/2" 8ga construction/wood screw, torx head. 10 lb

Marking paint for floor, oil based enamel - safety yellow, 1qt
Heavy duty shelving/racking - 6’ or more in height, 4-8’ length, (x2-3)

I’ll keep adding to the thread as the plans become more detailed