Is there an activist component to the maker movement?

I just referred to myself in conversation as a “makervangelist”. At first it seemed goofy, but I think that word accurately describes the process of telling people how important the “maker movement” is. It caused me to wonder if there’s room for a separate category of “make-ctivist”. In my mind, there’s someone with a bullhorn yelling, “WHAT DO WE WANT?” and the crowd screams, “OPEN SOURCE!” “WHEN DO WE WANT IT?” “NOW!!!” .

Maybe there’s room for two categories: the peaceful, non-violent, “robothuggers” that sing geek songs and stage sit-ins at crucial Net Neutrality votes; and the more aggressive in-your-face type: think George Washington Hayduke or Sangamon Taylor for the makerverse… get all “Sea Shepherd” and ram the Japanese whaling ship of corporate oligarchy. Maybe a huge flag with a RobotMonkeyPirate logo that says “NerdsFirst!”

Also, I’m just going to keep gluing words together, like make-rusader and make-nologist, just to be annoying.

I consider myself a maker activist. It’s important to me to create a space for all types to get their hands on these tools. How we do that is a tough thing to navigate. But doing anything new is tough to navigate. Activists are dreamers and doers with a little bit of crazy in the mix.

Hackers were here first. Call me one if you like.