Is our disucss being spammed? how do we make it stop?

cc @vicatcu @Blaise 20 character minimum…

It looks like yes, and I’m not sure, research is needed. The spam appears hidden now, so that’s good. The user who posted it joined two days ago.

Hmmm, it looks like I don’t have admin privs, or at least I can’t see how to admin the site. @vicatcu? Any ideas?

I just deleted two. I hadn’t seen this before. I will look around. Please feel free to yell in my direction about web stuff as well as V & B

I’ve blocked the spammer I saw. I’m not sure if Vic had already blocked anyone else. Most of our security settings look good to me but I decreased the number of reports it takes to shutdown a spammer so now rather needing three flags for a topic to get closed, it will get closed and hidden after just one. So if you see something, flag it, it will get hidden and site moderators will be notified by Discuss. I lowered this threshold for other things as well like how many accounts an IP with 0 trust level can make.


@Blaise I just promoted you to admin, thought you already were, but not so.

OK all, I think I’ve installed Akismet as an additional guard against spam. Let us know if anything pops up again and we’ll see what we can do.