IoT cool stuff

I love this talk by Mickey McManus

Step One: Invent an IoT product that handles the f#$%^*!g slides.

As a former stage technology manager, I can NOT stand it when that happens.
(otherwise a great talk!)

ha. i thought he handled it well, though.

yeah, you can tell the pros by how they deal with that stuff effortlessly. We used to drill for all sorts of problems, and had redundant systems for any kind of trouble, and still Murphy will eat your lunch. Best you can do some days is make it transparent to the audience.

I still want that Tony Stark “swipe it instantly from my phone to your projectors” tech. But in the real world, Tony would just be swiping… and swiping… “Do we have slides? Are those the slides? Maybe this video will work?”

Another good video. Gets into some of the subtle design issues for IoT which I really appreciate… #MIT #OfCourse