Improving the Space

Hi there!
I’m a new user here, and at the makerspace.

The projects I’m interested deal with the space itself, from organizing and cleaning to creating workstations and designating areas. I would like to hear what the people here like/don’t like, and what you’d like to see happen. I’m definitely willing to put in the hours to make the space better for everyone. I know there have been efforts to do this before and they’ve either fallen through or gradually been reversed, but I have several plans for making this change lasting and effective.

Hey Kalil. This is great news. I think the best bet would be to meet with a core member so that you have insights on how the space is used. We’ve had re-orgs in the past that don’t connect to actual use and in my mind, this is why they fall apart. But we keep at it! So yeh, let’s put you in touch with a core member. And invite you to be a champion of the next clean up day (to be scheduled).

What is your availability? Is this a summer project for you?

I would love to get in touch with a core member. This is primarily a summer project, but depending on how it goes I definitely see myself continuing through the rest of the year. I think the reorganizing needs to go a bit deeper than cleaning up, like walls in the storage area to give definitive space for renters, defining a staff/hangout area where food and personal things can go, building better toolkits, setting up computer workstations, etc. My schedule is pretty flexible, so as soon as I can meet with a core member I’d love to get started.

Great Kalil. I fwd’d your note to the board and we’ll be in touch with you within the week. X

Hey @Kalil sounds like you’ve got some good ideas and energy to implement them. I want to see if I can get @laurence and @ChrisW to join in on this discussion since they have been pretty instrumental in space organization and have a lot of the background story of the current situation. I’m happy to help out where I can, but feel I would be best suited as a minion on this effort :).

Hey @Kalil . I agree with @vicatcu . I just talked to @ChrisW down at IG and he says come on in on Tuesday night to talk with him about organizing. Maybe start with a small project like designing the 3D printer station and take it from there. Chris is at the space on Tuesdays from 7-9 in the evening.What do you say?

Here’s some ideas for other possible projects:

  • Shelving for the bathroom
  • A moveable work cart/bench
  • Putting the larger power tools on lockable wheels
  • Installing a mailbox
  • Building or coordinating a class to build the mobile work areas designed by @Dirk_Swart
    & @laurence
  • Replacing (some of) the cubby shelves with racks for mobile work areas
  • Developing @vicatcu’s occupancy sensor
  • Tool documentation
  • A Sturdy Rolling Whiteboard

Is the current one just wobbly on the coat rack, or are there other issues with it?

right. wobbly makes it hard to wrte on, hard to roll, and causes the support strut at bottom to fall out of place when you move it more than 2 feet.

@Bez @Xanthe_Matychak Those are great ideas, I’ll definitely try and implement as many of them as possible. I can come down Tuesday night to talk with Chris or earlier, or later if needed.

Great @Kalil . I think @ken wrote you an email too. Did you connect with him? X

fyi - @Kalil came in last night and cleaned the work bench. it looks great!. Thanks Kalil!

I also think he’d be a kick ass asset at the next physical clean up day. When might we do that?