IGMembers - Development Items

Just some notes here on next steps for development of the system.

  1. Add some paths for getting invoices suitable for import into GNU Cash:
  • /users/invoices?month=x&year=y
  • Generates a CSV of all the invoices for a given month and year
  • /users/id/invoices
  • Generates a CSV of all the invoices for a given user id
  • /users/id/invoice?month=x&year=y
  • Generates a CSV of the invoice record for a given user id for the specified month and year
  • /users/new_members?month=x&year=y
  • Generates a CSV of the new members from a given month and year
  • a member is included if and only if a member’s current_membership has a start in the specified month and year AND the member’s current_membership is that member’s only membership
  1. The system should include support for adding collection of Payments associated with a Membership and pages that allow admins to manage payments

  2. Adding a new membership to a user should end any existing memberships for that user that have no end date. The end date should be the day before the new start date.

  3. Make sure data on member intake forms is covered in the data covered in the data models, perhaps as separate forms available after account creation.

/cc @Blaise @Jen_Westling @starsplatter

I think @Blaise said he’s giong to work on some of the paths in (1) and I’ll work on (3) next.

Thanks @vicatcu . the question that keeps me up at night is how might we recruit members? Then, of course, how do we engage them once we’ve got em and how do we get them to come back and bring friends. Scratching head

I can do inventory for 4 if not take it all the way through.

I think this site can eventually provide support for managing a TBD recruitment process, but the priorities for right now are:

  1. Making the treasurer and membership coordinator’s jobs easier (e.g. moving information back and forth between gnucash), and
  2. Simplifying/improving/making more manageable the member intake process.

Of course I don’t speak for everyone, but as far as I understand, that’s what we have set out to do initially.

It is what we set out to do initially. But I’m not even sure that membership is a biz model for us. I mean, that just failed. We need to understand that failure and adapt.

I know I’m speaking broadly here. It’s bc I dont know the answer.