IG Sign Made Wtih Maslow CNC

Hey folks, I made an Ithaca Generator sign with a Maslow CNC router that I have. I’ve left the sign in the upstairs space in the hopes that it will be a welcome addition.

Here are some pictures:

It’s a little hard to tell but it is a relief. The sign was cut out of a 4’x8’ plywood sheet of no great quality and painted over.

There’s a lot of problems with the cut, mostly due to the software I used to create the GCode but also some issues with the Maslow CNC tool depth etc. Overall, though, I’m not completely embarrassed by it.

I would love to donate/loan the Maslow CNC I used to create this sign but only if there’s interest. I would be happy to be the ‘tool steward’ for it but I would want to make sure people would be happy to have it in the space. If people did want the Maslow CNC, it would probably have to go in the basement/wood area as it’s large, loud and dusty.

The Maslow CNC itself has a pretty decent community which you can check over at their forums. It’s “open source” (which is one of the reasons why I invested time and energy into building one).

Please let me know what you think.

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whoops, forgot to mention, I have a partial timelapse video of the Maslow CNC creating the sign:

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