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@Paul_Davis and I met a couple weeks ago to scope out and kick off a little project to make joining IG a slightly saner experience (for both prospective new members and for the various officers, committees, etc). It’s a pure software project (for now anyway) and I’m writing it in Angular on the front-end, and an Express back-end. I’ve got the beginnings of it running online here. Still a ways to go, but for anyone who is interested in the project, I’ve posted the code to GitHub here. We’ll see where it goes…


It renders fast on both my laptop and phone.

I like the way the four pages are broken out. Are you thinking tabs or something?

I would welcome some help with the CSS, I borrowed extensively from our existing website to make it look coherent, but it looks pretty crappy when the screen width gets under 1024px, so not very “responsive.” Maybe @Tyler_Finck could have a look?

Besides those four pages, there will also be other pages that are conditionally presented based on answers (e.g. stuff that’s only relevant to under 18 years old, or if you’re a student). It would be “appropriate” to guide the form steps using a Stepper element from Material Design, but simple links colored gray (not ready), green (complete), or yellow (selected) would probably work just as well.

Note: We are required by law to send Annual General Meeting notice by postcard

I think we’re no longer required to send the AGM notice by post, thanks to the New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act. Although, if we really wanted (and if anyone in IG had a fax machine), we could fax it.

11  also  state  the  purpose or purposes for which the meeting is called. A
    12  copy of the notice of any meeting shall be given,  personally,  by
    13  mail,  or by facsimile telecommunications or by electronic mail, to each
    14  member entitled to  vote  at  such  meeting.

Oh cool, then there’s no reason to necessarily collect mailing address info, I’ll nix that form field.

Status update on where I’m at so far. If you fill out the form and click the “Next Step” button, you don’t advance to the next step yet, but you will get an email with a validation link in it sent to you, and if you click that link, the database gets updated to reflect that the members email is validated. Progress!

I’ve just posted a question to Stack Overflow which I’m looking for help with. If you have an idea what I’m doing wrong, please post an answer. Even if you don’t know the answer, if you use Stack Overflow, please can you upvote the question so that it gets more attention? Thanks! /cc @Mark_Zifchock

Solved, moving on.

Fixed the “responsive” aspects of the CSS this afternoon so that it works on smaller screens as well (in the same hamburger style as the main site).

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The Email Confirmation page now automatically advances to the Additional Information Page after you click the link in your email. Fancy!

it works for me now!

I like this

three months, wow just wow

So @Elliot_Wells, I think I am really close to being able to accept payment there through PayPal as well, like maybe a day of attention to it and we can call it a wrap and start actually using it, and go from there to extending from it to bigger ideas than sign-up.

It was touched on at the board meeting. Paul and I encouraged those present to give it a go and report bugs etc.

Is there a “how did you hear about IG” question on there? Might be good to know.

When you think it is ready, we could start asking general members to enter their info. Do you guys already have a strategy on place there? Happy to do communication stuff.

If my mental map is right, the data from this is a precedent for issuing authbox IDs is that right?

If so, does it make sense to be issuing RFID tags to folks right off the bat as their info comes in?

I ask because I can imagine asking laser users to use the new app ASAP and they can beta that and the authbox codes at the same time.

Hey @vicatcu . I tested out your onboarding page. it works well. Thanks for doing that! A good amount of work there

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@Elliot_Wells, if you have a set of “select one” multiple choice answers to “how did you hear about IG” I can certainly add it (plus an open-ended response option there) to the Optional Info step…

You are correct that the data ends up in the AuthBox database, and we could start issuing RFID tags to members as their info comes in… but lets talk more about what that looks like before executing it. I kind of think it would be easier to do the RFID tag association “manually” rather than “automatically” using the AuthBox management website.

On a sidenote, we have a “bootstrapping” problem to solve. We have a set of existing / current members that need to go through this process skipping the payment step. It looks like some people have started doing this, basically unprompted, which is cool. The way I see it, our choices are, in order of preference:

  • ask current members to voluntarily add their information and ignore the Payment step, or
  • fill out the forms with information we already have (ignoring optional info) on behalf of existing members, or
  • don’t worry about existing members until such time as they need to have a record (e.g. to associate an RFID tag), at which time refer back to either of the previous bullets.

I think I’ll just have a button on the Payment page that indicates “I’ve already paid some other way”, which will serve to “close” the registration out without submitting payment… which will be in support of any of these choices.

Okay. I will take some actions on this while in transit tomorrow.

Write the multiple choice options eg.

In the new space the path of least resistance with John is to use Keri NXT for door access and use spare ports and parts on his system to cut costs down. This is because he wants to have access without carrying a different tag and also keep everything consistent across tenant spaces.

I don’t know if we can get third party readers that will read the Keri tags, but if we can then I think that’s the way to go, and implement the authbox system for our own stuff using the keys he gives us.

Still not entirely sure how we are going to manage the user lists on his system but he knows that is a need and doesn’t seem worried. I’ll get more info.

I propose that we start asking users to enter their info into the new app, via the Google group and in person. I would like to re-learn how to create access codes for the laser box, since it has been a while. Myself and other active members can start practicing that before we get full adoption.

I don’t think we can force people to do it, but we are talking about 50-60 people so I think we can make it happen without too much pain. Maybe display a list of people who have NOT yet done it?

@Elliot_Wells, @Paul_Davis I’ve put some more work into this today. It’s possible to go through and sign up for a membership subscription now. So I would say it’s pretty comparable to the existing sign up process. I wanted to give an update of a burn-down list of remaining tasks for it to be considered “complete” in my opinion (which is not to say it cannot be used before then). Bold items I think are critical.

  • Implementation of PayPal Instant Payment Notification listener, so that we can bind PayPal subscription data to the member’s profile. This will be a big help when it comes to correlating PayPal accounts with members, which can sometimes be ambiguous.
    • Getting this IPN will also be used to effectively close-out the registration process
  • Handling special cases at the Payment page, there are two or three I think.
    • Scholarship Requests (as per “I do request scholarship” on the Basic page). What should happen? For now I think I would present a blurb of text on the Payment page and a Submit Application button, which notifies someone that a member has applied for scholarship (is there a designated email for this or should I just send it to board at ithacagenerator dot org?). Closes out registration.
    • Existing Members - so they can get integrated into the database as per previous discussions above. Closes out registration. This can also be a work-around for the other special cases.
    • Family memberships - not hard to support this, I think… but each family member should also register as an “Existing Member” afterwards, and probably identify their “patron” at some point during the process?
  • A Thank You page within instructions for what happens next after completing the PayPal subscription.
    • Do we have some copy we can use to instruct the new member what to do next? I can use that to make a web page rendition of it, and also email it to the new member as well…

Worked on it some more this evening and now addressed the Existing Members problem, and (theoretically) the IPN stuff. Hoping for some feedback soon.

I am not super clear on how our family memberships currently work (or how we want them to work). I suppose the default would be to implement family policies as they were originally written. It’s something that might be due for some review…

We have also been piloting a “small business” membership tier above the “extra” level that gives a set of keys to a business who can have some number of concurrent users (maybe 2), who can be any employee of the business. There would be some policies to figure out around how to communicate with ad ensure training of, company members. Chris P. currently does this for 3Db and in the future Havoly designs and MiTeGen have expressed interest.

Not really a game changer to your road map but i wanted to toss it out there.

When you are happy enough with the app I think we should put it up!

OK, I’ve just tested signing up through PayPal for real and it works! So I made it the live method for signing up as a member. I’ll post an announcement to the mailing list.