How to make a mms enabled wall-mount monitor?

I want to make a tv or monitor for the wall of a production shop (not IG), to which a designer can text pictures (drawings) via their native messaging app. The shop team could then navigate the messages using a ps2 controller or similar.

One way would be to set up a smartphone with HDMI out and a Bluetooth controller then hide the phone.

Could it be done better or cheaper with a 3g enabled prototype board like particle?

I think you could do it with a 3rd party service like Twilio (there are others). Then your endpoint would only need internet connectivity I think (no cellular hardware requirement). I think you end up paying a 3rd party service by-the-message, you’d have to look into the cost trades.

I’m thinking that some combination of IFTT and Pushbullet would do the trick…

Interesting. Thanks!

This shop has no internet service right now, so this would be a substitute for having cable/wifi installed.

We currently use smartphones.

You could certainly use a Particle Electron 3G to similarly interact with Twilio, maybe something more direct is even possible in that case, but I’m not well versed in how to do that.