How to get started with electronics

I feel like we should have a blog post on how to get started with electronics. I’ll post a draft here. Edit as you see fit.

How to Get Started with Electronics

We get a lot of inquiries from adults and kids about how to get started with electronics. Here’s a list of sites and gear that you should check out.


This kit comes with an arduino, lots of components, and an easy-to-follow 72 page booklet chock full of beginner projects. Doing the projects with this kit will give you the skills and confidence to take on other projects.

For a look at the kinds of electronics projects people make, Instructables is a great place to start. Instructables is a platform where people post their projects and instructions on how to recreate them.

There are two shops that are very easy to navigate and order from. One is Sparkfun which has a great tutorials and video page in addition to their shop

And the other is Adafruit - check out their “shop” link to buy gear and their “learn” link to find tutorials and product reviews

We host an electronics meetup about once a month. It’s very informal but if you show up with a kit, there are likely to be folks there who will help you get started.

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oh. i see vic says we have some in stock. maybe the post should say something about that - non members wouldnt check them out but might they use them during open hours just to see how they feel, make a light blink, etc?

If it’s true that we get a lot of inquiries from kids and others about how to get started in electronics, then perhaps we should look into offering more classes along those lines. Simply throwing a kit at them, and telling them to go to a meetup for help isn’t enough for most people, I think.

Maybe a better approach is just invite them for a chat. Maybe an opp to find parents to join the org and help build kids programming…