High-Level shop systems


-Exit surveys from departing members have overwhelmingly cited ineffective and disorganized workspaces and
-There are really smart people who organize and design workspaces.

I think we should look at what’s out there.

5S is one example of a high-level approach that can be used to inform the design and operation of a space. I’m sure there are others

Scouting is one step -> what is out there in terms of systems and how do other spaces do it.
Evaluation is a different step -> looking at what scouting produced and assessing it and boiling it down.
After this takes place, it will be much more productive to talk about the “how” and “when” and “where should the clamps go”

This is a discuss thread to work on scouting and share what we find, what interests us, etc

We used 5S at my workplace with reasonable success:

Sort: decluttering, getting rid of junk
Set In Order: organizing things efficiently, assigning places for accessories, etc.
Shine: regular cleaning, maintenance, etc.
Standardize: establishing best practices so that people know what to do
Sustain: stay on top of things and create a culture that values maintaining the system

as with most approaches, the “Sustain” component is probably the most difficult part

I really like the 5S idea of red-tagging items that we aren’t certain anyone is using. If after some period of time nobody uses it, we can move it cold storage or get rid of it.