Harbor Freight coming to town

Apparently Harbor Freight is looking to move into the Maines Warehouse location.


The store is now cleared out of the Mainsource stuff and soon the people who build the inside of the stores are coming next.

I have one of their drill-presses that you have to open the top and rethread belts ti change the speeds. I feel so steampunk.

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What do you make with it @Marie?

Harbor Freight in town will make it a lot easier for me to pick up one of these: http://www.harborfreight.com/7-inch-x-12-inch-precision-mini-lathe-93799.html

(Where would I keep it? on loan to IG, of course).

Harbor Freight folks are up at the Mall accepting job applications, and say the store will open July 31.

i thought we had one of those…under the workbench