Group Order of Acrylic Sheets

Hello all!

I’ll be ordering acrylic sheets from soon. In order to save on shipping for everybody, anyone interested in ordering from that company can comment with what they want on this thread, and I’ll add it to my order.

I’ll divide the shipping cost between who ordered, proportional to how many sheets they ordered.

Please let me know within a week!


@Chris_Pelletier and @CaseyGris, you guys might be interested.

I may be interested. I need to do a little research into what exactly I need. When are you ordering?
-Jeff Busche

Never mind, I looked at the website and it is not what I am looking for.

I’m interested, but not this week, unfortunately. I’ll keep an eye out for the next time you want to do a group order.

@Blaise this order isn’t very urgent. When would you be interested in adding to the order?

Probably not for a few months.