Game night weeks!

We have a game night on alternate Fridays for anyone who hasn’t seen the info. Here’s the announcement for today’s event. Written by @Blaise Please join us sometime! We also occasionally play test games and talk about game design.

It’s the alternate Friday again. It’s time for board games at Ithaca Generator!

We have classic Euro games, like Settlers of Catan and Carcassone, full of wooden meeples and resource allocations

We have card games, like Fluxx, Quiddler, and Just Desserts, which require nothing more than a special deck of cards to play with your friends.

We have cooperative games, like Forbidden Desert, Pandemic, and Arkham Horror, where all the players work together against the mechanics of the game.

We have traitor games, like Betrayal at the House on the Hill or The Resistance, where the players start out cooperating, but some are secretly working towards an alternate goal.

We have deck-building games, like Dominion and Miskatonic School for Girls, where players play cards to buy new cards from a communal pool, trying to score points and win.

…and more!

Come and try out games you haven’t before. Bring your own games to share with others!

See you tonight at 7pm!

PS. Marty is bringing tablecloths to test out to see if they make our gaming better (or at least, nicer looking and feeling).

and games designed by our members!