Galley night engagement

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Last week I was the last one here on Friday and a fellow came in because it was gallery night. After just a little bit of chatting he seemed kind of interested but had his hands in his pocket so I kind of impulsively dragged the rhino armbot over and we hacked on that thing for an hour or two.

He stayed a lot longer than he probably would have if we were just chatting.
I learned a bit about serial output and ended up with arduino gui on my laptop, which was a win.
He left thinking about how he would implement an API or something of the sort, and said he would come back with his own laptop.
We have more data now on rhino armbot than before.

At least in that one case, getting tools into the person’s hand seemed to bridge a gap that just talking and showing off might not have been able to.

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I’m gonna move the 25 NOV 2015 gallery night thread from email to here…

@jenn wrote: Would we interested in having a project showcase at the Jan event? Or lightning talks on peoples projects? Or…?

Xanthe responds: I’m all for project showcase or lightening talks. I think telling our story is super important. Also, a great opp to invite guests to share their work - folks we might want as future donors or board members.

as an aside - I put out a call for work for Dec gallery night but didnt hear from folks. I’m open to suggestions on how to encourage our members to share their work w the community. It’s easy to get my students to showcase bc its a part of their grade. hmmmm…

Just to be clear, I was talking about what we might do at a party in January, not talking about gallery night.

I think the project showcases that have had a theme have gotten some participation, it’s a little easier to suss out what to submit.

Got it. Yeah. Events that engage current members, attract new members…