Gallery Night May 2015 - help wanted!

Hey All

We’re open for Gallery Night, first Friday of each month through December. Coming up: Friday 1 May from 7-9pm

IG runs on volunteer power so to make these events successful, you might help out in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Donate wine, cheese, cups, napkins
  2. Staff the “New Member Sign Up” kiosk
  3. Share a project
  4. Demo a tool
  5. Just show up and be charming to visitors!

If you know of another way you’d like to contribute, shout it out!


printing some of these for gallery night. this sheet will be cut in quarters:

Yup. On it.

I can show up and fog a mirror. Perhaps come early and set up or whatever needs done?

sweet. ill be there by 6

Also, I will perform some maintenance on the laser cutter tonite - clean the grid and the lens. I think the ventilation may need some help too.

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