So we are officially moving to a new space as soon as it is ready! That could be september but likely will get pushed back a few months.

We’ve been talking about fundraising and it’s time to build a big exciting money-o-meter to track our progress. It could be very simple or very elaborate.

I’m thinking the basic form would be a robot cut out of plywood about 6-8 feet tall and brightly painted. As the money comes in the robot “fills up” or gets colored in. Lots of ways to make it stand out!

scheduling a time to start is on the board agenda. everyone is invited to get involved.

I imagine on a build night some people can work on the wood-and-paint type stuff, while other people can work on developing their own ideas or additions based on ability and interest. Could be done asynchronously as well.

ideas or offers welcome! should be a date/time posted via the board meeting minutes. I"m thinking ASAP - so like maybe even this week or this weekend to kickoff

That is exciting news!

AWESOME! Will we be using GiveGab for the fundraising?


I don’t think we know for certain yet. Our fundraising lead has been in touch with them, so I would expect to know more very soon. (I hope so! Everyone says they are great)

I am going to “host” a get-together this Sunday (“Sunday fund-day!”) 7/22 from 2pm until 7pm

I’m thinking more “hackathon” than “meeting”, come for some or all or none.

The goal will be to get a functional prototype up and on display that we can add to as we go.

There is a public canvas set up at,251,37
That anyone can draw or jot ideas on. We will see if it gets eaten by bots or anything, I have not used the service before (maybe don’t post protected IP?).

I will plan to pick up some thin plywood and IG yellow paint to make a basic cutout, and can procure other materials if need be!