Fun with web technology

We had a good time tonight @Mark_Zifchock’s ionic workshop and some of us are excited about doing more webby stuff so this thread is to see who’s interested and what we’re interested in. We can also make a poll if we want to vote on meet up topics. For now, maybe just list what you might be interested in learning and what you might be able to help someone else learn? here are mine:

want to learn:
anything javascript that isn’t jquery
database stuff
more python
more ruby on rails
image stuff (responsive, retina, svg, optimization)
more command line tips
more regex

can share:
twitter bootstrap framework
front end ruby on rails
apache solr

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I’m going to keep my response from being to broad

Want to Learn:
more javascript

Can Share:
Node.js - I’ve learned a lot by going through this Gist and the links in it.
I’ve dabbled in a lot of other stuff that @jenn listed too

What a great meet-up. I know I got a lot out of it. Also looking forward to the next event.

Interested in:
-other app-development frameworks?
-Data-driven apps - finding/wrangling/handling data -> output

Can share:
-Noobish questions
-Stuff we already learned in Ionic 101
-Promotion/wrangle more noobs

@Elliot_Wells @vicatcu @Blaise @marty @Mark_Zifchock

It’s after the new year and it’s cold outside. Any one ready to poke the idea of another web dev meetup?

I like the idea, but don’t feel like I’m the one to teach it – unless we want to do ASP.NET MVC.

This isn’t exactly web tech, but I’d love to learn to prototype apps w omnigraffle or balsamiq or other wireframing platforms

@Xanthe_Matychak Now I remember the other one I had told you about for this:

That is probably what you were thinking of if you wanted ‘prototyping’ and not just wireframes.

Thank you!