Free promotion via social media

Continuing the discussion from Google Maps review:

Maybe for a future board meeting:

If we’re interested in raising our profile, it might help to explicitly ask students who take classes to write a review on google, or hashtag us on facebook or whichever social network we want to get attention on. At other non-profits where I worked, employees were trained to ask as part of every transaction

“We’re a nonprofit and we depend on word of mouth to network these classes. If you had a good time today, mention us on facebook or twitter or write us a google review! It really helps us to reach more people and further our mission! If you didn’t have a good time, tell us what you’d like to see (in person or on one of these paper comment cards)”

or whatever. Hostelling International went so far as to get every guest to fill out a little questionaire and then tabulate the data quarterly. Then again, they’ve got actuaries on staff…soooooooo