Exterior Signage Concept

Hey all.
Attached is a concept for an exterior sign

Design is a tall “box” shape, ( square as seen from above )
same width and depth to display info in both directions.
Interior lighting optional
Arrow lighting optional
Attaches to vertical pole in place of broken mirror
Could attach found objects to exterior for “encrusted” effect

Feedback encouraged.

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love it. i love this palette, btw. what are the materials?

I like it very much. Do we want the logo in it too, like so?

Looking forward to encrusting it.

this signage looks like 1950s diner/motel signage. there is a name for that style but im spacing…


I think the materials would be acrylic, vinyl adhesive or paint for color areas on acrylic, a wood frame, and metal strapping to attach to the pole. If we can figure out a power source, it would be natural to light it.

Encrustation would be whatever found objects - we would have to take care that they could not be easily removed. It would work best if we had a common color concept, and painted all of the objects that color.

Laurence, one thing about the logo - the concept photo doesn’t clearly show - this is not meant to be a flat sign, but rather a dimensional box, with the same text treatment on two sides. So, we would want to consider how the logo would work if it was protruding like that. It might be easier to incorporate it at the very top, though I was envisioning adding a little robot there at some point.