Electronics Area: Mount Monitor

Hey all,

I have a modestly small project I’d like to ask of someone who has the know how and the volunteer capacity to complete for the Electronics Area in the upstairs IG space.

There’s a computer monitor sitting face-down next to one of the 3D printers with a VESA mounting bracket on it’s back side. On the left electronics area bench there is a VESA mounting arm assembly and two holes in the concrete wall area marked by shallow holes just to the left of the table.

The task at hand is to use a hammer drill (I’m told one exists at IG, but I’ve never seen it) to deepen those holes as described in the manual for the VESA mount and then finish installing the mount and mounting that display in that location. Is anyone up to the challenge? If so, please declare your intent to do this and when you think you can get it done.

Once that is there, we can set a computer up for permanent use in the electronics area. If that works out and is useful, we can perhaps set up a second one for the right-side bench, as I see another tower PC has materialized. Lets see how this goes.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Electronics Area Captain,


I have a red Craftsman hammer drill that Caleb H. is planning to donate to IG that I can bring by this afternoon (Wednesday) and see if I can do this task.

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I was wrapping up my project with the hammer drill and smoke started pouring out of the drill so I guess I need to get a new hammer drill.

I bought a new hammer drill and left it at IG East this afternoon but I won’t have time to install the monitor until tomorrow (Friday) morning.

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I own a Bosch hammer drill that has lived at IG for several years and mounted lots of stuff in lots of places. Last seen under the workbench in metal shop.

Ok I mounted the monitor!

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Thank you Laurence!