Electronic & Computer Music

Those of you given to playing a synthesizer or programming algorithmic music or making an unusual musical instrument or performing songs about robots: this is your topic.

Brendan Vavra taught a class in algorithmic music a couple of months ago using Princeton’s programming language called ChucK. Examples of live performances of Princeton’s “laptop orchestra” seemed pretty lame to me. I’ve found something a bit more exciting that’s trending in Europe called “live coding” meaning programming algorithmic music live in front of an audience while projecting your code on-screen. Sounds like the sort of thing a makerspace could get into. Excellent short documentary here: http://toplap.org/about/

Thanks for setting this up @laurence .

I’m playing with Reason 8 software these days and a KorgNanoKey2.

with the short term goal of performing 2 songs at the Cosmic Joke Collective in Feb. If anyone wants to check out reason, lemme know.

I’ve been making musical snippets with Animoog on the iPad, then mixing it in with drum and bass tracks using Garage Band. Many of the Animoog presets have an almost vocal quality. Sometimes I use Audio Hijack to capture sounds from other Mac apps and I mix those in to. For example here’s a short song I made about the oppression of women in arabic countries: https://soundcloud.com/lclarkberg/malala