Discuss vs Google Group

I’m new, so forgive me if I’m digging up a topic that’s been beaten to death in the past, but it’s kind of odd that The Generator has two separate discussion forums. It seems like it would lead to a given post only reaching a sub group of The Generator’s membership depending on who knows of, has joined, and actively monitors whichever platform, or if a post is cross posted it would make the discussion disconnected.

Are there pros and cons for one platform over the other or reasons to keeping both active? Has there been any motions to pick one of the two and archive the other?

It’s not really the worst thing in the world having two discussion sites I suppose, but I’m also kind of curious why it is the way it is and if anyone else has any thoughts.

The hope was to move the GG to a largely announcement based forum and to have project and other broader discussions on discuss. Adoption of discuss has been low so that hasn’t really happened. There are various ways to force it to happen but we’ve been reluctant to do so.

in my choir, they’ve turned off the “reply all” option for the google groups. I guess that forces longer discussions to happen somewhere else.