Community Outreach/Collaborations

Are there any other organizations in the region that we might want to partner with to hold new (one off?) classes? It could help generate interest and funds for both organizations – maybe things like fermented foods, or knitting, or growing bioluminescent fungi, or . . .

I’m also wondering if there would be interest among IG folks for visiting local manufacturing facilities in the area, whether it’s breweries, or places like Borg Warner, or . . .

Just thinking out loud . . .


Here are a few I can think of, on the top of my head:

  • Open Art Hive (we applied for a grant with them, but even if we don’t get it they are looking for a space to hold classes on the regular or as pop-ups)
  • The TCPL’s Makerspace (they have a rotating roster of teachers we can reach out to)
  • The Mann Library Makerspace
  • The Science Bus
  • Luna Fiber Studio (weaving classes)
  • FLAIR is a group of artists that dabble in many media

Community School of Music and Arts might be interested. I have friends who work there who I can ask.

For fine metalwork, maybe there’s also something with (small business on South Hill)

This is last minute, but is there anything that we have done in the past for outreach/fundraising on Pi Day?

Along those lines, we should probably look through the year’s calendar to see what opportunities there might be in general (e.g. Moog’s birthday…)