Committees and tasks

Drafting some brief descriptions here. This is inspired by some of the opps research the SCNO team at IC did for us. Edit as you see fit

All committees report to the BoD each month

TOOLS - works with EDU to make sure we have the tools and storage we need while balancing the needs of members. Handles donation inquires.
members: @Bez, @sean

WORKSHOP (formerly SPACE) - Handles security prototcols for the space. Organizes quarterly cleanups. Works w edu and members to manage storage needs
members: @Dirk_Swart@laurence? @Claire_Fox?

EDU - coordinates 3 terms of classes per year: fall semester, spring semester, and summer session. Works with MARKETING to promote classes. Works with FINANCE to enroll students, purchase materials, and pay instructors. Works w TOOLS committee to manage tools and workshop. Works w DEVELOPMENT to document/assess classes for funded projects.
members: laurence, @ChrisW , jeremy

MEMBERSHIP - Welcomes new members. Arranges testing/training when needed. Arranges for keys when needed. Focus on retention, coordinates with DEVELOPMENT on recruitment. Invites members to board meetings
members: @Blaise , Vic, Xanthe, Jenn

FINANCE - Keeps records for income and expenses. Pays bills. Eventually hires accountant or bookeeper
members: @vicatcu , Buddha

MARKETING - promotes classes with fliers, website, social media channels. Encourages members and edu instructors to document and share their projects. Co-markets with PressBay Alley, DIA. Promotes open houses. Supplies fliers for outreach events (given enough notice)
members: Jenn, Xanthe, Laurence

DEVELOPMENT - Focuses on fundraising for overhead expenses and specific projects and programs. Coordinates w MEMBERSHIP on new member recruitment. Works closely with EDU to make stuff happen.
members: Xanthe, Jenn , @Mark_Zifchock

WEB- Vic, Buddha, Jenn, Jen - Maintains and develops website and online membership database application

@Xanthe_Matychak cool, nice summary. I could have sworn there was already something like this (albeit probably less comprehensive than this) on the main website, but I can’t get to the site right now…

yeh. no descriptions of tasks on the site