Code: Debugging The Gender Gap


Is anyone interested in watching CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap at Cinemapolis? Ducson Nguyen is soliciting RSVPs here.


Jen and I would make time for this, and her Ithaca College Women in Computing group would also turn out. Is there a date yet? Or is Ducson still in the event planning stage?


From the RSVP site, it looks like they’re shooting for Tuesday, August 30 6:30PM - 8:19PM.


Looks good!

Buddha and I attended the Ithaca Web Dev meet up this month.

There were four times as many women there as the last time I went. Which is to say, there were four women- and 20+ men.


Looks like it’s all systems go- if you don’t have a ticket already, you can get them here.


How was this? What were the take-aways?


The main take-away I got was to not cross-schedule medical physicals and movies at the same time. I ended up giving a family medical history, having vitals taken, knees hit with mallets, etc instead of learning about the gender gap in the software industry.