Clever DIY Soldering Microscope

I just read this article (via Hackaday). I think it’s quite clever and would be fun to see if it can be reproduced and improved upon. The main weakness of it, I think is that the distance between the eyes is not adjustable. How would you solve that problem while keeping the design simple enough to DIY? Adding some form of LED lighting would also be an improvement.

Something like this would be handy to have for the electronics area. While we do have the USB microscopes, some people prefer optical and find it easier to “look down at” what they are soldering, e.g. instead of looking at a screen.

This is not exactly responsive to the question, but I have a cheapo dissecting scope I’ve used for fieldwork in the past that I’d be happy to donate to the cause. It’s basically this one:

oh …

Hi, I wrote that article :slight_smile: and I got the referrer from the instructables article, that is how i got here.

1st, thanks for sharing!

To address your concern about the eye-piece distance, I thought about that, but for a simple build this was the fastest solution.

If I had a 3d printer, I would of designed a new enclosure with a mechanism for distance, depth and probably some mirrors. And I’d just take the lenses from the binoculars

As for lighting, mine does have 3 led’s, which run from the 12.2 power supply you see in the background. Again, with a 3D printer I would of added a ring light or something like that. (you can see the led’s in the picture, but they kinda get lost from the light coming in the window)

But for the weekend projects I do, it is cheap and does the job :slight_smile:

So, again, thanks a lot for sharing!

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Hi, not really, as I explain in the article, Binoculars are parallel for long distance viewing, we need to fix the view angle so it focuses on closer subjects :smile:

resurrecting this old thread, I recently came across this digital scope that looks pretty fantastic! It has a built-in screen plus HDMI and USB output. Seems nice, if anyone is in the market!

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