Cleanup before gallery Night

Hi All

The Generator was amazing on Saturday. Mark, Claire, Alexy and others transformed the front room to a gallery of interactive curiosities. Jeremy was a master wand-maker in the workshop. There was a long line to get in all day.

We are hosting a gallery night this coming Friday.

If folks can do their part to clean something up this week, that would be great. Also, if you come to IG on Friday at 5 to help tidy up before the event at 6, that too would be great.

Things that need cleaning:

  • Dusting, vacuuming in the workshop - the window/shelves, the workbenches, the floor

  • Putting tools away in the workshop

  • Trash

  • Storage area - clear a path to the cubbies

  • Front room set up

  • If we are allowed to keep the power cords on the grid in the front room, let’s keep some up there. I’d like to plug in a lamp or two

Chime in on how you can help! I know that cleaning up isn’t as much fun as making stuff, but it’s how we need to do it in a shared space

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