Class envy: Ideas from other makerspaces

Brooklyn Garage are building a dinosaur.

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That is awesome. Also, now I want a night of having arcade games in press bay alley.

According to the most recent Make: magazine, apparently all the cool makerspaces have a jukebox.

At one point it was a little quiet at Geek Night tonight, and I think a little Slim Whitman, or B-52s, or some 5,6,7,8’s or some Bee Gees, Jonathan Coulton, or perhaps even a bit of Buffy Sainte-Marie might have got the place jumpin’.

Our jukebox could play Pandora stations or maybe play YouTube audio from crowd-curated playlists. Wanna hear a song? Log in and put it on the list.

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We get SO many people coming in who want to use the laser and 3D printer but dont have tech confidence. I wonder if we should have REALLY simple classes like “Intro to 3D printing - upload and print something from thingiverse” or “Intro the laser cutting - bring a scanned image to class and print it on the laser cutter.”

Yeah I think that came up on the thread related to membership as well.

maybe for non-members $20 that can be used to put toward membership if they decide they want to do that.

im just running off the vibe i got from folks at gallery night. they are almost there but need an experience in the space to build confidence, think that they belong there.

Right, this is the thread where I was talking about a class like that: , though I guess at that time I was thinking $50 and including the membership cost in it. Maybe $20 would make it more do-able. On the other hand, if what we’re hoping for right now is more members, maybe $30 and including a month of membership in it would be good.

Yeh. And put members only classes on back burner. With only 14 members, it dont make sense :slight_smile:

I disagree…

Well, for me. I’m gonna talk to @Mark_Zifchock today about co-teaching a monthly laser thing on sundays. Open to anyone, i guess. esp folks who donated money (mike was in on friday and saying how he needs to cash in his free 6 month membership from a laser donation he made)

all of this “energy” i have on this is directly related to my interactions on gallery night last friday. it was nuts how close folks were to joining and i felt a little frustrated bc im not sure i pulled them in. about 6 visitors throughout the night seemed right on the edge of joining. i guess it would be nice if i could say, come back on sunday and take the monthly laser course.

I’m not disagreeing about the regular classes on tools, like I said I had brought it up a couple weeks ago.

I was disagreeing on the members only classes not making sense. There’s a reason that e/w/o/c column is so long.

Anyway, I think you and Mark co-teaching laser cutting on sundays is a good idea. If you guys are taking the lead on it you should design the fee structure however you two decide.

LA Makerspace is the official makerspace of LA Public Library System

the bauhaus

Check out the pics from SALT, our neighbors to the north

and current courses:

My friends Jesse and Kaia are just about to finish a cross-country hacker/makerspace tour (promoting their fancy keyboard kickstarter)*, and did a writeup. There are a host of good ideas to borrrow/steal:

  • “At Nova Labs outside DC, they keep a few good cameras hanging on a hook by the door. The cameras are set up with WiFi cards to automatically post photographs to Flickr. Members are encouraged to take snapshots of their projects whenever they hit a milestone.”
  • “Maker Works in Ann Arbor was a gorgeous space. Every tool and workspace had an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) binder that covered tool safety, usage and cleanup. They also had a “job board” full of work that members who have more time than money can do their membership fees.”
  • “One cool thing we saw at Quelab was pre-printed tags for labeling things. Many makerspaces tend to have a chaotic mix of stuff around — projects in progress, abandoned projects, broken hardware for scrap, working hardware that you shouldn’t mess up too badly, etc. Often these get labeled with sticky notes. JT from Quelab told us this that they’d borrowed the system and the tag design from another makerspace (that we failed to write down and can’t credit :confused: ), but that they’d been evolving the tags to better fit how things work locally.”
  • “One clever business model hack [at ADX] is that, while folks can walk in off the street and take classes, the non-member price for a class is actually more expensive than the members-only price of a class plus a one month membership.”

There’s more in the status updates - I’ll trawl through and see what else I can extract.

*If split columnar customizable keyboards are something you might be interested in, you should take a look - it’s pretty awesome.

a dude came in this am from forge in greensboro. they have about 200 members, get some $ from the city for sustainable tech, and have 5 full time staffers.

Lots of you know this, but makerspace coming to TCPL

I would think that now is the time to reach out, if we can muster it. Maybe run a class or two there so that our working relationship with the library is up-to-date as that project rolls forward. That is a really cool project - one that could easily overshadow us if we take no action, or just as easily buoy our place in the community if we can find a way to be of service to their new enterprise.

week long design camps from copper hewitt