I like cit sci bc it aligns technology with a prupose. Starting a list here. Not sure what we’ll do with it yet. Be inspired!

Along these lines, Pete Marchetto is interested in partnering with IG to pilot the manufacturing of DIY water monitoring equipment with youth. He’s already developed the sensors, and I can hook him up with youth that are interested in electronics and environmental science. I’d love to do more citizen science work like this.

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from @abe:

The Harvard Personal Genome Project:

Including publicly available (CC0) whole genome and others (like 23andMe) datasets:

For example, here’s my profile, along with the datasets available:

Some other links, some quite new:

You already mentioned the Public Lab but one of their efforts is the Spectral Workbench which tries to create a database of material spectra.

IORodeo has quite a few open source and open hardware projects, like electrophoresis and colorimeter kits.

OpenTrons had a successful Kickstarter to build an open source and open hardware automated liquid handling robot.

BossLab here in Boston has been defunct for a while but has been gaining a bit of momemtum lately.

For some more ‘extreme’ grinder links, there’s forum and grindhouse wetware. In particular, their Circadia project (formally HELEDD):

Bryan Bishop’s seems like a good resource. You can also check out his page at

Not so much citizen science as a public resource, but there’s the 1000 Genomes Project.

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you know how media lab has sub labs like “lifelong kindergarden.” we need that some day…

Don’t forget the Air Quality Egg! (source and schematics)

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yeh. AQE is what got me thinkin along these lines…