Dude. I just met with PressBay Alley tenants and they say they’re gonna do an antique car show here in the alley during apple harvest weekend (1st week in oct? I’ll double check).

This will be a great opp to recruit new members and volunteers. If you’ve got vehicle related projects, think about showing them off in Oct.

Nifty! And, yes, Oct 3-5:

I know a dude that was working on a CarDuino-- an Arduino that hooks up to the sensors in your car via the diagnostics port… I’ll ask him if he wants to show this off. Has anyone else played around with microprocessors and ODBII?

Also, does anyone know of any Electric Vehicle conversions in town? It would be awesome to be able to invite someone to show off their homemade EV (car) alongside the Boxy Bike…

Shannon’s tractor!

Yeah- that would be a big draw for the tinker crowd!

@Chris: I don’t, but would like to. If you have any OBDII hacking tips, please let me know. I feel it is a whole sub-genre I know nothing about.