Capitalizing on the laser - non member policy

What do you think of trying out a $40/hour use of the laser to non-members. $40 would be the base price - no partial hours. File futzing time would be counted. Of course, we’d be liberal/generous with early adopters. Some of the money should go to the laser operator - somewhere btwn a 25% to 50% portion…

This is a note from John this am:

I had an idea that I wanted to try out to get us some exposure for the month of January which is probably going to be otherwise slow: I have created a boosted post on Facebook calling for action shots of people with things they bought in the alley during the month of January. We will pick a favorite and give them $50 to spend in the alley. I was planning to make up a certificate and then just reimburse whoever receives it. Let me know if you think this would be a pain to track for some reason. If this works I was thinking that making up Press Bay Alley gift certificates or coupons would be a cool idea.


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We require operators of the laser cutter to be trained. Would that $40/hr include training, or would it require someone trained to actually use the laser cutter (similar to the laser design studio events) to actually be there to do the work?

Why would someone pay $40/hr instead of $20/mo?

good questions. to start we can use people who are already trained by appointment. if the demand goes beyond that, we’ll cross that bridge.

As for the 40/20 question - I suspect some people just want to cut stuff without having to learn how to do it or join.

This whole thing is just an experiment to see if there’s revenue worth pursuing. Low risk, I think. But open to more questions and concerns