Boxxxes for front room cubby wall

There is a folder on Firefly/Zingserver called Cubby Box.

This folder contains a basic template for a box, approximately nine inches by eleven inches by fifteen inches deep, suitable for two-up service in the cubbies in the front room and back room.

This box, when assembled, is somewhat sturdier and dare I say more attractive than the cardboard miscellany which has so nobly served us up to this point.

Also, by virtue of going through the zing, the pattern offers a deliciously temping canvas for personalization.

I took a little time to assemble two of these boxes Friday night, and they are doing a good job of holding rough categories of electrical parts and widgets. I use three 12x24 sheets of ply to make each one.

I would like to invite anyone with a little time or material to print one out and assemble it with some glue and clamps.
I’m not sure any one person could really make a whole wall of these things happen, but if several people each made one or two it could really make a difference in terms of keeping that area tidy, not to mention stylish.

They should also work on the personal shelves in the back room, so anyone who feels like sprucing up their pied-a-terre might find this template useful!

I put holes in the the front so you can see what’s inside without having to put a label on there that’s sure to be outdated the first time it gets used. I’m sure there is room for improvement and tweaks to the design to make it even better and stronger and cooler and more stylish and whatnot, so feel free. I’ve made the original template read only, so just rename any modified files if you make 'em plz.

Sincerely Yours,

PS there is now a shortcut to “Zingserver - Firefly” network folder on the printer laptop desktop.
Also find a quicklaunch shortcut in the tiny tray next to the start button.