Board meeting jan 21, 8pm


  • Continue visioning discussion
  • Space/rent discussion
  • Committee reports

May I request that committee chairs are identified At tonight’s meeting?

Also, the chamber followed up w me and I said “we’re not ready now but check in again in future”

The (abridged) State of the 3D Printers Address can also be a part of tonight’s Tool Committee report. You can read the whole sordid story and see more detail than ever before at the Tool Wiki (remember the Tool Wiki? It’s available here ). Choose either the Type A or the Lulzbot on that page, and inform yo’self.

…Westling out…

for what’s it’s worth, i like this definition put forth by Jenn:
a maker collective that does cool things that we share with the public

I consider robo sumo one of the cool things we share. What we share can be interactive. Also, our road shows.

This version of the org doesn’t mean we can’t ever have a class. But it might require a change in what we tell folks we do.

cc @ChrisW