Board meeting, feb 18, 8pm


Hi Jenn,

Not sure if non-board members can add agenda items, but I’d like to add one if so.

I’d like to propose/discuss options for having the Generator floors finished. Ideally to keep costs low, a lot of DIY would be involved. Specifically I was looking at epoxy flooring options such as those for garages/commercial environments.

Points for discussion:

  • purchasing materials, potentially through corporate sponsorship or possible donation
  • landlord permission to be able to resurface floors
  • volunteers willing to move everything out of the rooms and back
  • closing of generator during work/curing process

O snap. edu committee wants to share a one pager report 24 hours before the meeting. Edu assemble! @ChrisW @Gregory_Armstrong @Elliot_Wells

I’m awake, I’m up, I’m up. members-only training event is in my court but on backburner. will flesh that out and put a date out in next 30 days. If we do a half-time edu meeting I can propose a format there.

3d design clinic sounds awesome, even If I’m sore that x didn’t talk to me more about it first :stuck_out_tongue:

This spring Boxy Bikes is considering doing weekly ebike clinics and teaching custom ebike-building classes. I want to run this by the board so we can think about space issues and tools issues. I think these activities could generate a significant number of new members for IG.

@laurence . This is prob an edu committee thing. Send us a description?

I made a “Potential Board Members” topic viewable to staff only. Add ideas to it. Each current board member might try to recruit one person over the course of the next few months