Board meeting agenda: Nov 19, 8pm

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Committee reports

Ways to sell/promote memberships during the next 6 weeks.

members holiday gathering

Would the board consider creating a reserve policy for the laser. This way we can also track use. Several of us power users have acknowledged that its about time for something more formal bc sometimes we all come in at the same time to do big jobs. It’s ok, but not super elegant. XM

Also, two events on Dec 4. Might be a good time to promote membership?

votive making workshop:
laser cut gift sale:

If you have questions about either of these things, I’m happy to google hangout.

We talked about the reservation policy at the board meeting - general feeling was that the power users are welcome to come up with something that works for them, within the following guidelines:

  • The general principle is that tools should be broadly accessible to members, with parity of access. The laser cutter shouldn’t be “monopolized” unless it brings some benefit to the IG community (classes, Diagon Alley, etc.)
  • The system needs to be straight forward, and can be easily checked by someone who just wants to run a job. No overly technically complicated checkin processes or communities.

Would something like a Google Calendar that you’re given access to when you’re trained work?

we have one power user, i should add, who is not a member but a valuable member of our community.

is it possible to track use through the printer software?

in related news, the gantry is behaving oddly and the belt is slipping.