Board meeting agenda, May 19, 8pm

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Stuff related to upcoming programming…

Week of Making: Tyler made a facebook page. Would @aaronzufall add our program to the week of making site? cc @aaronzufall @Tyler_Finck @Paul_Davis

Southside’s Hacker Club: Thanks to @ChrisW @Gregory_Armstrong @Elliot_Wells for volunteering to help out with this More volunteers welcome. I hope this is the beginning of a collaboration with them. They have a great computer lab with software that is compatible with our laser and 3D printer and they have a great community @laurence - would you volunteer too?

Robo Sumo: Is it happening? If so, great. If not, we should take this off the calendar. Let me know. cc @Mark_Zifchock

Handmade in America Fest: hosted by Kristina of Amuse.

Okay we have an event page, I invited some people

Chris W’s date has no title/topic. I like the mystery, but we should probably specify something :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I have an idea for a drop-in/maker thing that could also have a fixed time (maybe on Friday or Saturday). It’s for a mashup font. People choose a letter/number/punctuation mark to make, and create it either in real life (out of paper, wires, whatever, as long as it translates well to 2D), then we digitize it. OR, people design a letter on a computer. I would be there only to input the creations into the font format (which I’m happy to teach, as I do it). Ideally we could get enough lowercase/numeral/basic punctuation glyphs to have a usable font. It would obviously be very strange, with everything looking slightly different, but that’s kind of the point. Thoughts?

Thanks @finck

Chris is 3D printing

Yes add your type workshop

You can do fri or sat, or even run it in conjunction w another night or event.

If you wanted to use a computer lab, we might ask Eddie at Southside community center

Béline of Ithacash would like to present their new marketplace at the board meeting. It could be a good way to sell the extra stuff the members make to benefit the Generator, as well as a place to recruit new members and talents. She just needs 5 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions.

Ithaca Festival: I’m planning on canceling the IG parade slot - it seems like folks aren’t feeling it this year.

Sustainability Grants: Sustainable Tompkins mini-grant applications are due June 1 - I’d like to help get an application together.

2 things:

i just added the dust management matrix. not sure if it’s for tonight or tool committee first…

Also, thanks to those, like Vic, who worked on vinyl cutter. The next step is to work with True on vector software. He was supposed to pop in today but he must have been busy with work. Anyways, thanks.

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Let’s talk over the dust management thing and come up with a couple of proposals.

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Question I would have had for Beline: How is it better for me as a seller than Etsy?