Board meeting agenda, june 16, 8 pm

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Just some kudos:

@aaronzufall was invited to the kickoff to National Makerfaire at The White House OSTP as a thank you, we assume, for his fine work on the site

IG’s Rec-to-Tech meeting will be listed in a WH OSTP press release on Friday. I’ll share when that comes out.

New member @Eddie_Moran received funding for a “Tech Us Out” program which includes a workshop at IG. Flyer here:

Yev secured a donation of not-new-but-not-really-old-ish laptops from Borg-Warner. They need hard drives, and other components, and Yev got a quote from the Computing Center. Should we authorize funds to repair these laptops and get them running?

-snipped detail from this discuss: "Donated" Software
(from Yev May 12)
IG folks, I may have found a partial solution to your computer hardware problem.

I just pulled 4 Dell E6410 laptops from my company, these machines are out of warranty and I got them for free. Despite this, the specs are solid: i5 dual core 2.8 GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, CD ROM, 4 USB + eSATA ports, wifi, bluetooth, backlit keyboards, etc. These guys are from 2010 or so, and will have no problem running CAD, Adobe, office, and whatever compilers you need them to run. And they have the added benefit of being portable and power efficient.
See link for price range (

The laptops are missing batteries and HDDs, but these can be purchased for a much lower price than new computers altogether. In any case if IG has a use for these computers, I’ll look into acquiring the missing parts.

(from Yev May 26)
Update on donated computers: the Computer Room got back to me regarding the prices of replacement equipment:

  • 4x SATA HDD, 500 Gb: $60 ($240 total) ($340 for SSDs)
  • 4x Drive mounting tray: $7.50 ($30 total)
  • 6-Cell Battery: $40 ($160 total)
  • 4x docking stations (adapter included): $50 ($200 total)
  • OS installation (w/ dual-boot): $75 ($300 total)

Now, me being me, I tried to dig up these parts on my own via ebay and newegg to see how much cheaper I could get them. I found significant savings on two items: SSDs (120 GB for $40) and Batteries ($25). The rest of the parts were as Computer Room quoted them. If I had to make a recommendation, I would say that we can get disk trays, chargers and docking stations from Computer Room, and hard drives and batteries online. The total would come out to $490, or $123 per computer.

Let’s discuss how IG members can contribute to Derby Day at PBA (Press Bay Alley) scheduled for Saturday August 20th. John G., True and I have been discussing an event during which kids construct soapbox derby racers and ride them down a big ramp that John plans to construct in the parking lot of Press Bay Alley for this purpose. Who wants to develop the racer kit? Who wants to develop a race timing and photo finish mechanism? My third annual Community Used Bike Sale will also be held on this day.

For agenda or after-meeting sidebar: onboarding new staffers / distribution of keys. Casey G. would like to get started staffing on the weekends, and I think we can help push that through.

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