Board meeting agenda, Dec 17, 8pm

Continuation of vision discussion



@laurence and I met with Cassandra from the CoC. They have resources to help us promote our events, find partners / sponsors (for eg, to help us buy $300 worth of arduinos), and give biz model advice. They also have resources for hosting workshops if we wanted to offer adult edu like “up your jobs skills” kind of thing. A lot of what we already do at IG would fall under the adult edu category - we had might as well get support!

They offered us a rate of $185 for the year even though their rate is going up to $200 soon.

I think it’s worth becoming a member and would be willing to be a liaison but hope that other board members would be involved with them as well. They made it clear that you get out of it what you put in.

Joining the chamber would be an investment in fundraising and development. They are much more hip to opportunities for us than we are. For eg, they probably see all of these NYS grant opps and if we make our goals clear to them, then they can send opps our way.

I won’t be at the board meeting but L or @Elliot_Wells (who caught the end of the convo) can fill you in.

member directory

Thanks Jenn. I think this is a good topic. I like the idea of starting with the vision/goals we discussed at the first Board meeting after the annual meeting.

Xanthe, the $185 for a Chamber of Commerce membership sounds really good.

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committee reports

some tasks that need attention (maybe): membership, web

I’ve recently joined edu but I’m not sure how to report edu stuff. I think the committee is in transition.

But here’s what I’ve got: I’ve been gathering Intel on classes and edu partnerships but haven’t analyzed that Intel thoroughly. I’d like help w that. Link to Intel below…

My initial read of the Intel is that partnerships are easier than classes from an administrative point of view and that that’s something to learn from. Not sure what other insights are in there but I’d like for us to look at the data and streamline a plan for edu and programming. We’ve done a lot of experimentation thes past few years that we can learn from if we analyze the data

I can google hangout for edu discussion tonight if there is one

I think if we want to meet the goal of discussing vision at the next few meetings we’ll need to keep committee discussions to specific votes, requests for funding or emergencies. So, I think if the CoC is ready to be voted on, we should go for it. The education discussion sounds too amorphous for the board at this point.

I would suggest committee members consider taking a flipped model for the next couple of months and rather than come to the board meeting to report, come to the board meeting to get vision/goal ideas and bring that back to the committees for action.

Good idea.

I’ll be stopping by but late. likely around nine or so.